Success is a mindset

“One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in the military is that what happens in your life is what you believe will happen”


Here at FitnessVT we consider ourselves to be teachers, coaches and mentors. We strive to inspire, motivate and engage with each and everyone of our clients.  A wise man once told me,

“John, you can’t change everything about a person; however, you can change one aspect of a person that could influence the world.”

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t hear that quote in my head. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to talk to you about changing one aspect so that you can influence the world.  What is it? The mentality to succeed.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in the military is that what happens in your life is what you believe will happen.  If you truly believe that you will lose 200lbs, you will eventually lose 200lbs.  A perfect example of this is a friend of mine named Wes.

If I were to ask Wes to give me two words that helped him accomplish his weight loss goal, without a doubt he would say, “mental strength.” He was always heavy, and coming out of high school he weighed 330 pounds. During college he had a lot of family turmoil; his mother, father, and brother passed away during his college years. By the time it was all over Wes weighed 420 pounds and didn’t realize how unhappy he was. That was when he developed the mental strength to change his lifestyle. Wes will tell you that he didn’t do it alone, that he had a lot of good people supporting him and helping him along the way.  But ultimately, it had to be his decision to lose weight and create change in his lifestyle.

Wes is awesome!In his own words:  “It is very demanding to wake up every morning and work out; it is difficult to eat and drink constantly even during work hours; it takes discipline to not eat foods that you are used to eating (especially when you think of how good fast food and beer can be!).

However, if you make the decision to do something and get the information on how to do it, any goal can be accomplished if you have the mental strength.”

Wes was given the opportunity to change his life completely by a couple of friends that he now considers family. We gave him the information on the right foods to eat and were in contact with him each day about his workouts and diet.  We also gave him moral support during the times he felt like quitting.

Wes affirms that “if you have a positive mental attitude and a good supporting team behind you, it makes a difference.” It took one year for him to lose 175 pounds. We were all convinced that this only worked because in his mind he wanted to make a change and took the necessary steps in order to change his life. The decision to lose weight is not the hard part; the process of changing your lifestyle to lose weight is truly the difficult decision.

Here stood a young man weighing 420 pounds, coming off the most depressing time of his life, and trying to make a change with no idea how to do it. But Wes had developed a no-quit mentality and was determined to make a change that would bring new meaning to life. Wes now has more confidence than ever (which some would say is a bad thing considering his charismatic personality) and recently became engaged to a beautiful woman named Leah.


So what is your excuse today?


See, what Wes doesn’t know is that my wife and I have a picture of him hanging in our home.  To us, that picture not only represents a true friend, but is also a reminder of what hard work, dedication and determination looks like. So I say to you, “No more excuses!” Have the mentality to succeed. When you truly believe in something greater than yourself, you will draw strength beyond your belief. No one said that this was going to be an easy journey, but no one said you have to go at this alone either. Let FitnessVt teach, coach and mentor you along the way. We can’t wait to write your success story in our future articles.