I am ready


If you’re reading this, then like me you have made the decision to change your life for the better by setting a goal of enhancing your health and well-being through the power of proper nutrition. This goal, like any other goal worth setting, comes with its own unique set of challenges, the most difficult being consistency.

How many times in the past have you set out a path to lose those unwanted pounds, only to find yourself a few hours into the first day, stuck at work, STARVING with nothing to eat? It has certainly happened to me, and what inevitably comes next? The walk of shame to the vending machine to sort through the same old assortment of sugar and fat-filled garbage that is always available to curb those hunger pains. After a few days of this issue we often “fall off the wagon” and are back to the same old unhealthy habits that we started with.

The good new is we can change this diet-derailing cycle with just a little bit of foresight and preparation.


The first step towards diet success is to pick your food prep days. For my wife and I, we prep our food for the week ahead on Sunday and Wednesday. Like any other change in our routine it was challenging at first, but after a week or so it was just another part of our week, like dropping the kids off at school or cutting the grass.

Using your FitnessVT grocery list makes this preparation step a breeze. The first thing to invest in is some quality Tupperware – it will be your go-to food prep tool. The second investment is a good quality cooler or lunch box. Then you simply look ahead on your FitnessVT program for the week, and prepare all the food listed up to your next selected prep day. Separate each meal into individual Tupperware containers for the week and label each with the time or meal number. Before bed when you’re eating your last snack, fill your cooler for the following day. Make a point to do this at the same time each night so it becomes a habit.

It sounds simple, but more often than not people simply don’t take the time to plan their food for each day and are stuck having to make quick “fast food” choices throughout the week. By bringing your prepared cooler to work each day you avoid falling into this trap. Now I know it might look a little silly rolling a cooler into work, but I’ll take being the strange guy or girl with a cooler in great shape and with perfect health over the poor souls lined up at the vending machine — any day!